Clears a 45m³ room in 1.3 mins

Patented airflow: maximises clean air delivery and traps and destroys 99.97%+ of particles including Covid-19

Technology recommended as effective and safe by the WHO, CDC, EPA and SAGE

Outperforms major brands: unique combination of HEPA and UVC both traps and destroys

Reassurance in an unregulated market: validated by DTI, EuroFins, ESI Group and Norconsult

Rensair Technology

Effective in removing a minimum of 99.97% of:

… PM10, Bacteria, Fungi, Vehicle particulates, Allergens, Pet dander, Staphylococcus, Odours, Smoke, Soot.

Product specifications

DimensionsH: 77cm, Ø: 37cm
Box DimensionsH: 84cm x W: 43cm x D: 43cm
Net weight18kg
Gross WeightIncluding box: 21kg
Noise45dBA (low), 52dBA (medium), 59dBA (high)
HEPA filterEU13 (EN 1822 class H13)
UVC lamp18W, 254nm light
Power cord3m long
CE Certified (UK & EU)220-240V,v ~50Hz, IEC C14 to C13 connector to allow for different power plugs

Leave the work to us



To understand floor plans, occupancy rates, existing HVAC etc.

Tailored proposal

Tailored proposal

To define the number and position of Rensair air purifiers, with costings

On-site visit

On-site visit

To ensure the optimal IAQ solution for your space (optional)

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

To provide air quality health checks and maintenance (optional)

Air purification designed for commercial and medical use

How many units do you need?

Choose your setting


You need 1 Rensair CORE units.*
*Assuming no mechanical ventilation is installed and CORE is running on MEDIUM setting.


Room Size
x x
You need 10 Rensair CORE units.*
*Assuming no mechanical ventilation is installed and CORE is running on MEDIUM setting.

King’s College School, Wimbledon

Rensair Solves King’s College School Wimbledon Air Purification Challenges.





The Danish Technological Institute recorded a particle reduction rate of 99.98 % in 15 mins and 99.99 % in 30 mins, with 100% elimination of virus particles on the filter.

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and Viruses

After contaminating a chamber with >250 pathogens per cubic metre of air, Eurofins’ test results showed undetectable levels at <1 pathogen per cubic metre of air.

Airborne particles

Airborne particles

In Norconsult’s test the Rensair air purifier cleaned the air almost equally efficiently at two selected measuring points in a 93m3 test room, regardless of placement.


The Rensair air purifier will run for 9000 hours (~1 year) before the HEPA 13 filter and UVC lamp need to be replaced. A service indicator on the air purifier’s display panel will automatically alert when the parts need to be replaced.

Making ventilation sustainable

The Rensair air purification delivers one cubic meter of air for 9 times less energy than what it costs through a traditional HVAC system.